Photo by Gabriela Pereira: pexels

I looked up at the dressing table mirror
There was my virtual image
I had to fix up an error
My thoughts trapped in a loneliness cage

I sat near a pond
There was the reflection my true self
Ripples of water signifies the bond
Between God and my inner self

I looked up at the rear-view mirror of my car
It reflected the burdens of life
Piles of sorrows packed up in a jar
Why to worry let’s go on a long drive

I looked up at a 100 year old glass
Kept at my maternal grandmother’s home
Once it was very costly and world class
But now it has become antique like Rome

I looked at the head mirror of a doctor
When I got sick
It made my sickness look as big as tractor
It made me so weak

I looked at the mirror of a barber’s shop
It reflected my inner beauty and tranquility
She made my hair all crop
Afterwards I looked at the mirror it reflected serendipity

I looked at photograph of my paternal grandmother
It reflected the amazing memories I share with her
When I looked at my paternal grandfather
His eyes reflected hopes and aspirations he has from me

As I am writing this poem in the front of my laptop
Its screen reflects my goals and aim of life

.     .     .