Image by Deborah Hudson from Pixabay 

A line of introspection, sorrow, and joy is poetry. An emotional response to rational thought in the form of words makes poetry come to life.

Poetry might be narrative in nature, describing the most mundane of things with a sense of isolation of the object. Poetry could be dramatic and invoke feelings of unease, anger, or happiness. It can take a simple story and thread it with details only described through phrases and rhythm. Poetry can also be lyrical in nature. The aim of the poet is to evoke an emotional response from the reader while keeping in mind, the beats of a sentence.

Poetry is a play of words. It allows the writer to express many facets of themselves using clever wordplay, many hidden meanings can be expressed. Poetry allows a writer to mask themselves behind the very many phrases they use to convey a message or many messages. A good poet radiates a magic-like quality by using the right phrases and the right rhythms.

Poetry is not a mere means of communication, it is an art form it has notes, form, symmetry, and rhythm. 

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