Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

We believe in incarnations of god so intensely that we feel worshiping a deity isn't a duty. It's part and parcel of emotions, respect, and a reverential bond. Be it marriage, housewarming, or any other ceremony, our home resembles a temple with all the Veda mantras. Although we are not pandits to chant them flawlessly. He advises us to recite "MAMA" after every chant of his mantra which defines- "I'll chant on behalf of you and the word "MAMA" will fetch the purpose behind it". The same goes with writing or poetry. I know poetry isn't everyone's piece of art but it all depends on the way we understand. perspective may differ from person to person but the meaning remains the same. 

For instance, there are many indecipherable Sanskrit shlokas, yet we make an effort to understand them by seeking assistance. Rest is, it leaves us astonished with a beautiful meaning. Similarly, a writing or poetry isn't just words they are muster of emotions. Every line has it's own power and meaning like a mantra. Your lack of insight doesn't turn poetry into scribbling. So quest the meaning of tough words used in a sentence or stanza and then read again. Your endeavour is equal to "MAMA" and trust me nothing can satiate a poet more than perspicuity from readers. 

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