Image by 729714 from Pixabay 

I am Rapunzel
Without long hair
Or a prince charming
I am Rapunzel
With nobody to care
Ain't have no one to share
My joy or sorrows with
I am Rapunzel
With ever-lasting imprisonment
With by birth restrictions
With a life full of lies
I am Rapunzel
Who is self-conscious
Who is hurt by people's words
Who doesn't trust no/anyone around her
Who feels like she doesn't have the right to be herself
I am Rapunzel
Who consoles herself while lying awake in dark
That everything is gonna be alright
Everything is gonna be okay
It’s gonna be a good life
But I am no damsel in distress
This Rapunzel doesn't need a prince or long hair
She will free herself from the clutches
She will become her own inspiration
She will fight alone and win the race of life
She will outshine others
She ain't a princess but a queen
She is different
So are we all
So don't worry about fitting in the format
Cause it’s okay to be different
Just be yourself

.     .     .