Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

The time that I’ve spent with you,
Has given me the most beautiful memories that I want never to abrade.
Your presence has always been ever-nourishing, for me.
My only happy source of saudade.
With you, I flow.
And with you I’ve made.
Moments that I can cherish for the rest of Forever, whenever i am in the need of aid.
We’ve been like a blade.
Glistering on one side, whilst on the other side we shade.
And, to me. It always seems a fair trade.
I take your pain and you smile, instead.
And ever since the moment I read,
You. I knew.
That we share that common thread,
Of madness and thus cascade,
This life together. As we grow old and grey.
We pervade,
Through all the sorrows and not be afraid.
Because we made,
Us. Possible. And we stayed.
Till we close our eyes. One last time. Holding hands. In our bed.
Until we free ourselves from this mundane world. And smile beyond the clouds.
Even though here, we lye dead.
We now love each other forever and however.
With our own soft and flowing. Saudade.

.     .     .