What does it take to be a girl or a woman? Every day lots of sacrifices are made here and there to adjust to the problematic situations thrown by society at you or to leave your dreams to abide by the norms set by patriarchy? What does it take to be a girl or a woman? This question has uncountable emotions that can never find an outlet to release.


Again, a toiling day was almost over,

She had struggled hard to keep her expectations lower,

Exhausted from mind and body, she felt her breath closure,

And went to sleep to rejuvenate her composure.

The agony of her sacrifices and compromises is beyond expression,

What she will ever hope from this patriarchal discrimination,

Her encounter to scariest things and people has to face end,

Her invincible dreams to win the battle against fear are about to land,

Her beliefs her truths will not lead towards cremation,

Now it is time for her to rise above all fleeting emotions.

While she slept, the dreams knocked her heart's door in the night,

They found a glimmering rope towards the heavenly light,

The darkest clouds of "fear" have clutched them tight,

Unable to move, but delighted to enter the escatic sight.

Cries of her soul are transformed into a rage,

All the birds have to be out of the cage,

The sky is not a limit for her flight,

She will discover her own space, time, and height.

An echo of her success is loud enough,

To be heard deep inside the sand and through water fill in the trough,

The clouds of fear have poured the rains of courage,

She stepped into the fire and came out by defeating age.

Finally, she discovered the world where only the songs of truth were sung,

The visions and actions for humanity sprang,

Where the light of no hatred only love glowed,

Only the streams of peace and tranquility flowed.

She made this all possible by releasing her fears,

And trusting her love and GOD even when kept at the spear.

.   .   .