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Do you know the reason behind this world came into existence? Or the reason behind the existence of Humankind? Or the reason why only we attained such intellectual abilities amongst the whole animal kingdom? The sensation of your feelings, the smell of first rain, the flow of emotions, the beauty of the sunset. Can you explain all this?

There are a lot of things that cannot be explained by mere logic or science. Or rather, they don’t need to be explained technically. These things are works of art, and only art can explain the art and do justice to it. But what art can possibly explain the art of nature, who is the greatest artist of all. POETRY. The flow of words in poetry, which is intricately sewn by a poet touches the most delicate spot of our heart and brings out the emotions which we didn’t know existed within us.

Have you had a tour of nature? How was it for you? Thrilling? Soulful? Exciting? Beautiful? Try to see it from the eyes of Robert Frost.

In one of his works, he describes woods as a place offering an escape from all responsibilities. The soothing effect of that place can make him forget about everything else in this world and just lay in the lap of nature. But as a human being, you have to resist those urges and defeat the tempting powers for your loved ones. In simple words, he described the conflicting thoughts a human has in their lives daily. There are many types of poetry writing styles, but here he used Rhyming verse. His reason only he can know but I think these thoughts are so commonly occurring in one’s life that they become part of their life and naturally one can resonate with its rhymes singing them along. The poem in context is ‘Stopping by woods on a Snowy Evening’. He rightly said, “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep”.

There are events in our life that leaves us dead inside. Snatches our reason to live and scraps all the desire to dream. In the poem ‘I felt a funeral, in my brain’, poet Emily Dickinson is trying to demonstrate with the example of a funeral, the mental state of the mind of a person who is drowning in insanity. Here, the stages of the funeral are compared with the stages of the mental collapse of a person. Poetically she is trying to explain the inexplainable aspects of human life. No matter how hard we try, it's hard to understand the situation of a person who is in that situation, but through poems like these, we get the gist. “Kept beating – beating, till I thought, my mind was going numb”.

Loss of a close loved one. Can you explain it? If asked to elaborate on your emotions regarding the loss, can you word it? John Milton expressed such emotions through his poem ‘Lycidas’. He explained the loss of his close friend, King Edward. The poem is a pastoral elegy. “Bitter constraint and sad occasion dear, compels me to disturb your season due”.

Love. A concept explored by many, but still has secrets to reveal. It's not easy to explain love, and so far, the best tries are done by poets alone. For an instance, ‘On the Nature of Love’ by Rabindranath Tagore. According to his view, finding love is a journey. We meet a lot of people throughout our mysterious lifespan, in a hope that one of them may be the soulmate we seek. The interactions during this journey make life more beautiful. “But we have this faith – that a lifetime's bliss, will appear any minute, with a smile upon its lips”.

These were some of the examples of beautiful works of art which can transcend you from reality to the world created by the poet. There we can feel and experience every emotion in fine detail such that it ingrains in our subconscious mind awakening all our sensations tenfold.

This was all about reading poetry, but the scenario changes while writing poetry. The poet observes the delicate details of situations and plays them repeatedly in their head to get a clear view of the situation. Then comes the part of critically analyzing what you have inferred so far, by thinking from two or three different perspectives. Lastly, choosing the right words. The words should embody your own emotions and have a poetic effect that can sensationalize every individual in the same manner, as it did to you.

Down the path of night, I walk,
The vision I had has become distraught,
Cannot differentiate between right and wrong,
Confused if the world had deceived me or I am deceiving it for so long.
Love and hate, me and you,
Is it selfish of me to ask you for my rescue,
My understanding is becoming fogged,
My perseverance seemed to have flocked.
Do you know the reason of my existence?
Because all of this does not appeal any sense,
Do I have to dive deep in the ocean below,
Or scour the sky abov’?

You cannot be right always, and neither can you be wrong every single time. There can also be times when no one is right and no one is wrong. Some things are hard to understand if you become rigid with your decisions and see everything in black and white. Your existence may seem meaningless, your life loses its brightness. In those dark times, you desperately seek guidance. It's not a tale of a single person, but for each, the problems are different. Ways to deal with the problem are different.

With this small poetry of my own, I wanted to showcase the inner conflicts of a human on day-to-day basis. Some may disagree with my views, but they too have experienced this. I am sure of it. Sometimes, under the pressure of responsibilities, we cannot listen to our inner voices. We make ourselves believe that we are fine, but in reality, we are just as broken as that old promise which struggles to be kept alive.

“Rhyming or not, flowing or not, creative or not, poetry is still a beautiful piece of art.”

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