This week India celebrated its 73 years independence reviving the sacrifices of all our great leaders and freedom fighters. What a proud moment it was. Or maybe not. Today though we seem to be free, but, India is dying and it needs to fight its battle for freedom yet again, not against colonizers, but against those socio-political ills and deeply engraved divisions that have been undermining the spirit of this young nation's freedom and its very existence as a developing super power. Presently our country is undergoing one of the gravest internal tensions, which are very sneakily hidden from the people in the public forum as if everything’s fine. It is saddening to say that one of the world’s greatest democracies is collapsing. The foundational pillars of our historic motherland have been crushed down to the ground.

India as a country is a combination of a vivid variety of complicated networks of livelihood and social backgrounds that form the core of this nation. The humongous diversity poses some utter complex challenges towards developing this nation and bringing a new change. India takes with itself some of the bleakest peculiarities the world has seen anywhere. These include the prominence of religion, caste, cultural and gender based biases, social and historical stigmas, and prevalent action of conservative and primitive minds. Situations go so far beyond that in a country free from oppression for 73 years, practices of untouchability, discrimination and segregation still take place in the heart of the society in their most brutal form. Livelihood is being lost every day, farmers are committing suicides, elite educational institutions are undergoing intense tussles, economy is tumbling down day by day, lynchings have increased and the complete political system and bureaucracy of this “Vishva Guru” has come to a downfall. Yet in these tough hours, the government, opposition and the authoritative institutions provide us via their elite propaganda media hubs a masala of religion, Pakistan and a supreme, ideal India. These people have so deeply associated their agendas and motives with people’s emotions that they move around every day with a “Teflon” image. They have taken us to the edge of a not so high cliff, which is too rough and steep that with the end of sunset, our country will undergo a serious downfall.

We are living in the darkest hour of our history after Partition and the 1975 emergency. Already the country was facing adverse tensions at the public front to which added up the COVID-19 pandemic which is an adversity the whole world is struggling to combat. Our country’s social, political, and economical situations are worsening.

Unemployment rate is on a 45 year record high which all people may know but what adds up to this is the decreasing scope of opportunities, new skill sets, industries and innovation that could be looked for by the people and authorities taking inspiration from other countries which is hindered due to the brainwashing of public by our very dearest Prime Minister. This is insane. Apart from the recently announced collaboration with Google, there is no provision yet to curb the challenges to rural and urban unemployment in regards to different other professional streams except Engineering and technology. What more is required as a proof when we clearly witness that majority of our highly educated youth desires a whole life abroad rather than contributing to the country because they fear the irrational and inefficient system, as well as the lack of opportunities. In these trying times we need properly implemented policies to curb this situation and especially help those lakhs of labourers who were shamed on majority of our Primetime news channels during April and May, 2020.

The political front of our nation has shattered into pieces (not the “TUKDE TUKDE”) by the not just one party but by the whole system. Just because not all the people are aware of the constitution, how political system, judiciary work or how the society must sustain, does not mean that these “Highly Educated and Powerful People” can keep fooling us around. They rant continuously targeting categories of social groups on the basis of their caste, creed, religion and language instead of talking and discussing about the real issues. With all these factors in mind here’s an analysis of the present government’s actions. Adults want employment and job security, they gave us Ram Mandir. People want ease of life they removed article 370, students want good education, they passed CAB. In fact the irony is that some who were educated enough to understand the constitution, when protested, the government literally stampeded on their hopes and aspirations, to establish, and not joking at all, an Anarchist Authoritarian Institution the face of which is just a single person and in the name of whom an undemocratic, unsecular, unaccountable, incompetent and completely disastrous Government governs us. Definitely it does not mean that the opposition is good enough. They are doing even worse as instead of highlighting the issues either they are busy in ensuring party allegiance of their too important leaders of states or are they busy in probing each other against each other. Someone said it right that the ruling party is a “washing machine” in which all the dirty politicians enter after leaving their own parties and this party washes all the dirt away and presents us refined politicians (From Pragya Thakur to Jyotiraditya Scindia) making the right choice for the country. This is the biggest failure of opposition in India.

And when some leaders from parties that are not well funded, raise issues, they are disregarded and not even given a proper space to raise their voice (Look at the CAA Lok Sabha debates, Budget speeches, 2019 election campaigns, etc.).

The education system itself is undergoing a deep suffering. Even now our country’s educational institutions face problems such as lack of infrastructural development, inadequate qualified teaching staff and inefficient implementation of schemes such as mid-day meal and other policies. Prestigious government universities and institutes such as Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, etc. face regular protests due to passing of irrational policies and regular fee hikes. The youth of the nation and its aspirations have been falling apart and when a few groups of students grab all their courage to raise their voice, they are publicly deprecated. It is a shocking truth that in a country with the largest young population, there is no space for them to express themselves or speak up against the authorities. The youth, which is the future of this country, which should have been our ultimate power, is unable to find a sense of purpose in its own motherland and that is the biggest failure of our democracy which is a reality even 73 years after independence.

India is a country with rich legacy and a historic past. Today it is a culmination of the 200 years of sacrifice and struggle by our great and visionary leaders such as Sarojini Naidu, Lakshmibai, Rokeya Hussain, Gandhi, JL Nehru, Dr. Ambedkar, members of the Ghadar party, CR Das, Dadabhai Naoroji, and the list goes on. India is not just a land full of diversified societies, it is a collection of a billion dreams standing strongly unified and we as a responsible youth, as responsible members of the society and as responsible citizens of this nation will not let anyone hinder our freedom or destroy our dream.