We live in the twenty-first century, and we have answers for almost everything. But, guess what? We all have various interpretations of what particular words imply. In my life, I am a firm believer in two things:

Change is the one constant in life, yet it's also one of the most difficult facts to embrace.

Let's commence with an idea of feminism. What precisely is it? I'm sure you've all heard of the concept of equality. Equality, according to the Cambridge definition, is the right of different groups of people to have a similar social position and be treated equally.

Feminism was created because women in this world need equality in all aspects of their lives, including the workplace, home, and social life. Feminism entails achieving gender equality and empowering women in whatever manner possible. On the other hand, some individuals have various interpretations of it in their heads. Feminism is about empowering women, not about treating men differently or as if they should be treated as second-class citizens. I believe that everyone should be treated equally, which is why we need feminism. Some people interpret feminism to mean that anything that empowers women will make men less powerful, but that is not the point; instead, empowering women should be the country's goal because women can do things much better.

Have you ever noticed that whenever we hear a story of a woman who has accomplished anything in life, one thing that they always have in common is that they all shatter stereotypes? On the occasion of Sports Day, I was conducting an interview with two outstanding athletes, one of which was a young woman who plays American football and rugby. During the interview, she said that when she first started playing, everyone told her there was no way she could accomplish something worthwhile with her time, but as a young independent woman, she defied all expectations and excelled in sports.

I feel that many women's journeys have always been like this; if a woman tries to achieve something in life, questions bombard us like a sledgehammer. As if we're going to strip naked in front of everyone, but we can't because it would demonstrate that we women desire sex, which is why we're exposing our most valuable attributes to males and allowing them to rape us. Even in a city like New York, where women are permitted to go around nude, they are unable to do so.

Why is it that in an Indian home, a girl's dreams are usually destroyed while her brother's aspirations take precedence? Why is it that when a girl is born, the first thought that comes to her parents' minds is that she will marry and move into her own home? People usually claim she will go to her husband's house, which will be hers in the future when she is born at her parent's house. However, the spouse claims that the house is not hers, but rather his.

Despite the fact that the government has several plans and programs, the country's girls never complete their education, and in most rural regions, they marry as soon as they reach the age of adolescence. According to estimates, the majority of India's approximately 6 million youngsters who are not in school are girls. According to research, the gap in access to education between genders was most evident in India's childhood literacy rates, which showed that 82 percent of males could read and write but only 65 percent of girls could.

Several ideas must be presented at suitable stages to attain empowerment via education. When it comes to elementary and secondary education, empowerment should allow girls to get the information and skills they need to challenge and fight sexual stereotypes and masculinity/ femininity notions that restrict women's social potential. Empowering females should entail providing them with courses that address not only present sexual norms but also alternative ideas of a gender-free society. Students can acquire a better grasp of how gender dynamics function in society thanks to gender and women's studies programs. These initiatives have had a significant impact on the creation and diffusion of innovative theoretical and methodological approaches to gender, national development, and social change.

Women should be willing to put in extra work in order to develop an attitude that is conducive to their total empowerment. It's a long and steady process that needs the help of many people who are linked to them in some manner.

This is for all the young ladies who are reading this. If you desire to improve your situation and accomplish anything. Start today, rather than waiting for your prince charming to arrive on his horse and carry you to your destination. Only you have the power in your mind to alter the world. And be the person you've always wanted to be.

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