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As Indian people, we actually misinterpret "being toxic" as "being overprotective". It is very common for our middle-class parents to slap their kids and verbally abuse them. But just because it is common it doesn't justify this practice. Yes, we have our own different culture when it comes to parenting and unlike western culture, we actually think it's ok to develop fear in the heart of kids. It is ok but till when? It's ok to slap an 8-year-old if he's misbehaving with his mother, but is it ok to slap an 18-year-old for the same reason? And what if the kid is actually not misbehaving and just trying to prove a fact? Being a parent doesn't mean that you're always right, sometimes you make stereotypical points and your kid tries to correct you and in case you didn't understand he gets a bit frustrated and raises his voice, just like you do. Is it supposed to be a big deal? Are you supposed to make him feel valueless by making harsh comments like " we regret giving birth to you"? While this article may seem so unrelated to some of the readers I can bet some people who suffer from such condition might be crying reading this. A child with toxic parents suffers from existential issues. He doubts himself. Because he never felt heard. He never felt being understood. He never gets a chance to explore his personality and he eventually ends up being all alone because he doesn't know how to be in society. He finds himself odd in his friend group. He thinks everybody around here is special in their way but he's not. Sometimes he finds it embarrassing to share his past traumas with his friends and in return, his friends are unable to help him because they don't know that he needs help. Such children are so good at pretending to be fine because they are not so used to getting care. They don't want others to give them sympathetic looks no matter how much in need they are. At such time when they found themselves odd in society, they end up being anxious, and depressed and suffers from many other psychological issues. Every day they wake up and try to seek validation and they struggle hard to be seen when all they are doing is getting invisible in society. In such times they need a serious conversation with some closed one. But with whom? With those parents who are responsible for all this? Or with friends who were never there in the first place? They end up having personality issues. 

Parents need to understand if their parenting technique is suitable for the kids or not because maybe you are being toxic to your little one and you even don't know. And if any of you finds something odd in any of your friend's behavior then try to talk with him. Maybe he's not actually weird, he just needs help. And in the end, those who are victims, don't seek validation from outside. People around you don't know the actual you. Try to get a idea of you, what you are capable of & prove it to the world that how much deserving you are.

Thanks and have a toxicity free life.

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