Photo by Stijn Swinnen on Unsplash

I am a soldier born to die
Die? Not today,
So tell my loved ones,
That I am coming back,
In my uniform,
With a smile,
And my bag in hand.
Tell my mom to be ready,
With all my favorite dishes and sweets,
By the way, she knows it all,
Kheer it is.
Dad don't worry,
I am coming back soon,
Keep your shoes and the ball ready,
And we will play till noon.
Brother, I know you are showing off
my bike and acting cool,
I am on my way back home,
I want it clean,
And the tank is full.
My dear friends and comrades,
We are soon meeting again,
With some fine scotch,
And bottles of beer and champagne.
And you my love, 
You'll be in my arms soon,
And dare you cry,
Because I heard,
What they say about me
"I am a soldier born to die",
Die? That someday I surely will,
In a plain sandy desert, 
Or on a snowy hill.
With swords on my neck,
Or by a bullet in my chest,
Or By men choking my neck tight, 
But I too am not giving up,
Without my best fight.
Don't you worry
It's me who's winning
In the end,
So wait for me
Like you always did,
I might be a little late
But we will meet soon, that's my hope
I don't know what's in my fate.

He was a son and a brother,
A comrade and a friend,
A dad and a husband,
And a warrior to the end,
Brave and optimistic they called him,
Sadly, These were the last words he penned.

.    .    .