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‘It is fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.
-Bill Gates-

It is a universally acknowledged fact that ‘success’ is just a combination of seven letter words but assumes a relevant magnitude in the life of an individual and possesses the stamina to delight a crestfallen heart and mind also as it is demanded by every member of this striking cosmos. The proverb itself professes that success is an outcome of a plethora of tough challenges, difficult tribulations, perplexing competitions, and a bit of failure. If someone comes to the front expostulating that he/she has not yet tasted ‘failure’ during his/her journey to success and pronounces that ‘I with the grace of Almighty have achieved my long cherished dreams thanks to the unrelenting passion, sincere support of my parents and friends and with the absence of ‘failures’. His/her argument could effortlessly be turned down by asking him/her a few of the questions such as ‘Did you memorize everything by just casting a dart on the specific portion? Have not you repeated a portion several times? Didn’t you commit mistakes in the initial days while composing an article? Then, the repartee would be an affirmative one and he/she will automatically confess that I committed a number of deeds that were actually a failure, and in the earlier days, my writings were literally replete with bazillions of mistakes but the professors helped me in realizing and rectifying them. This instance obviously digresses that there is a ‘strong rapport between an organism and failures’.

To be precisely adumbrated, every prominent celebrity who now enjoys a noble position among the commoners is from a very gorgeous planet. His gargantuan and strenuous efforts with unflinching perseverance and single-minded devotion to his/her task brought him/her onto a platform that is quite difficult to observe with simplicity. Celebrities and distinguished stalwarts also breathe in the same universe where the commoners peacefully live. But, to be honest, they left no stone unturned to be remembered forever though their bodies may depart or divorce this world. As a matter of fact, when we riffle through the lives of sophisticated doyens, it would be ostensible and we would come to know that they confronted every setback with a positive attitude coupled with genuine unremitting passion and took the bull by the horns and lastly reached to their chosen destinations. True to the best of my knowledge, he was the quintessential of a pertinacious fellow, who despite having difficult times and torture from his colleagues and facing gazillions of failures went on to become a renowned writer and made his name etched in the glorious pages of history is ‘Arinna Huffington’. He, according to me is a real protagonist. His determination was to sway every publication agency through his writing skills littered with a flow of imagination and emotion reflecting the surroundings or something else and producing a sentiment of publishing in the heart of a publisher. Huffington submitted his creations to numerous publishers, but all of them were gainsaid and the publishers expressed intransigence to publish his works. Huffington’s muse never got wavered and instead of getting desolated, he contemplated every refutation (failure) as his weakness and continued his prodigious efforts with zeal. After getting rejected by 35 publishers, a silver lining finally knocked on his door when the 36th publisher accepted his creation and reckoned his submission as the most influential one since the globe came into the figure. What do you get from this person’s story? I would like the rapacious readers to be well-lettered with his capacity and have a bash in his specified track till his dreams turn into reality.

It is needless to say that India got seceded from the despicable barbarities and gruesome brutalities in the year 1947 by virtue of the bravery of our ‘Freedom Fighters’. It was not easy to get the carte blanche from the British. The indomitable Indians pestered the British to leave the country and as a shaft of bravery, the first war for independence was fought in 1857. The battle of 1857 reinforced the shaken hopes of people and motivated them to fight for their rights. Indubitably, it could be speculated that India’s independence is also a result of countless failures.

To be delineated, Novak Djokovic is another shimmering name that became widely-dissected and debated in the nook and cranny of the world when he walked away with the most coveted grand slam at Australia in 2008. His family background was not so developed. But, he believed in his capabilities that if trained well, he would bring glory to whole of the Serbia. His parents bankrolled and incentivised him to get attached with tennis till he kisses his maiden grand slam. And not to squabble, Novak is the most reputed athlete of Serbia who has provided a ray of hope for the generations to come. He has even taught his compatriots to deal with every dilemma that puts you backward with encouragement, patience, right attitude, factual aptitude and extreme confidence.

P.V Sindhu is one of the most famed athletes who despite of earning a lot of trolls and brickbats on social media never gave up and emerged victorious at the prestigious event of World Championships. She too was subjected to annihilation in major finals. Before attaining this feat, she was called as a ‘Silver Specialist’, she then with firm decision as well as belief in her abilities rose to life like a phoenix and shocked everyone by clinching gold.

It may sound cliché to purport that success will give you a rapturous reception purely after you get ready to accept the challenges of the world and decide to go through fire and water. Here are a few elements being dissected that would be very useful and play a stellar role in placing a man on global format. When we take the plunge of doing something, firstly, we should expose certain mental qualities. Secondly, we must continue and remain fully-concentrated in our chosen area. Thirdly, we must be optimists and have the courage to transform every failure and difficulty into an ‘imaginary victory. Our gumption must be completely mingled with our blood and it should not get deserted come rain or storm. At this juncture, I would like to present a very dynamic and enrapturing moment that helped India script history in New Zealand. When the second match started, an atmosphere of farrago and uncertainty left every spectator absolutely bamboozled and made them dismiss all positive speculations and judgments that have cropped up in their minds having a propensity towards any of the two teams. The match was tied. The super over was played and the Kiwis showed a scintillating performance. Then, it was India’s indefatigable Rohit Sharma who despite playing under pressure considered every denizen like mute pillars, and his ears became reverberating with only one slogan ‘It is I on whose shoulders the onus has been laid to give the Kiwis an ignominious defeat by means fair or fouls’. He then started to bludgeon the bowlers and shots got converted into long and mesmerizing sixes and India sealed the match in style. What spurred Rohit Sharma to do so and how he became capable of girding his lions before a mammoth total? The answer is quite humble and could be presented as ‘perpetual gumption’, ‘strong belief’, and ‘positive attitude’ buttressed him to unleash the unexpected shots for his country.

To recapitulate, it could modestly be elaborated that if we have the gumption to achieve something, we will definitely attain it at any cost as Paulo Coelho obviously declares this in ‘The Alchemist’ If you aspire to something, then all the universe conspires to help you achieve it. As a corollary or to put a termination to my epitaphs, I would like to advise the readers, particularly the students to focus on their studies and maintain an extreme amount of confidence and belief in their own capabilities. One more thing that I would like to share is that the term ‘Impossible’ should be obviated from a young mind and it should be morphed into ‘I am possible’. Moreover, every youth should bear in mind that positive thinking, paying attention to what is going to happen, and removing bitter memories that transpired in the past would lead a man to success. I would like to once again accentuate with a sufficient degree of certainty that if you work hard with pounding gumption and know where you shambling ahead you will be successful. Lastly, I would like to conclude with these words ‘Man can be destroyed, but never defeated.

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