Photo by Christopher Beloch on Unsplash

The iron cage was broken by the intoxication of happiness.

 Otherwise, it will be your responsibility to live easily.
 Thousands of people are playing in the path of violence.
 Breaking the law with knowledge is becoming unconscious.
Prisoner of life rotting in jail on false charges,
A little crooked trap in the gap of light is a new snare.
Murder and mayhem due to the angry drunkenness of the moneyless.
There is some muttering going on in a bad flow of words.
The politics of riots is tearing down the flag of peace,
Bringing beheading on the way, forgetting love and affection.
Behind the light, the blind of the path is thrown into the darkness,
Education is this education! Admit that someone misses the point.
The land of false boasting and peace is frozen in endless sorrow.
Find karma, live the armor, and bind the body in another way.

.    .    .