Image by Public Co from Pixabay 

Had met her in the streets of church,
Couldn't think I'll love her so much. 
Unrealistic things happened, and
I touched her soul with my eyes,
Everything seemed perfect, 
Those kisses, hugs, even her lies. 
One day, she broke all her promises, 
And left me in the ocean of blemishes. 
I was drowning in the lake of darkness, 
Didn't know she's brutal and heartless.
Never thought her innocent soul is impiety,
She was the reason of my happiness and anxiety.
I didn't know where am I going, 
I didn't know what am I doing. 
I had several questions..
Roaming in my head,
But I knew, fate will make me 
Stand in a good stead. 
I wished there were no thoughts,
Roaming around my head. 
I wished I was not alive, 
I wished I was dead. 
wanted to explore sky,
But I couldn't find moon.
I thought the end is near, 
Death will come very soon.
I wanted to lose my life,
I wanted to lose my breath. 
If you asked me, what is beautiful? 
I would surely answer "DEATH!"

.    .    .