A woman is holding a new born baby in her hands. It is her own boy. This woman is a woman who is born in streets and brought up there. People born in streets are accustomed to do some things. They have to lick many people's feet to live a life. This woman is also one of them. She knows that it is her son but she does not have any clue about the paternal link. She even does not remember the last time she has licked some other men's feet. She is a woman who has been molested for years and she has tolerated all those but now she is a mother of a child and now it would be impossible for her to accept thos

Now having her son in her hands she has the responsibility of taking care of that child. She starts to look for jobs in many places but people tend to molest her or use her. At last she finds a way for earning her money. She picks up rag picking as her living. Daily she does rag picking with her son in her arms. She takes care of that child very well. She is concerned about only one thing in her life which is, the daily food that she needs to get for her child. She was once in that zone where she might have to sleep the whole day without eating anything even in her days of periods. Hence she is very particular about food rather than education for her child. Gradually he grows up to be a boy. She starts to save money for her boy. At times she would even sleep without eating anything just to see her son's future. 

Life had different plans with her and her son. Eventually, she happens to meet an old man. This man out of dizziness falls in the ground. She is the only woman who helped that old man. She drops her child near her and makes sure that the old man regains his consciousness. At that time, she never knew that this old man will look after her child. Then she went back to her daily rag picking duty. Gradually her son grew a much older and now she is concerned about the education. Hence, she joins him in the government school. The main reason is education but apart from that her son would get a good noon meal. 

Months passed. One such day when she is out for her rag picking she is suddenly dragged into a vehicle by three men. She is scared. They drop her in a camp like setup where there were more women standing. Seeing this she gets some courage. Then she is injected with a syringe. After sometime she feels the dizziness in her but due to the sun her dizziness fades away soon. Then she is led into a tent where there is a doctor and a nurse. She is then made to stand upside down. The doctor starts operating something. She yells with pain. Then we get to know that she is been treated with a surgical process to block the fallopian tube which is otherwise Tubectomy. Generally a tubectomy operation would happen in a closed ICU room where the patient would be anaesthetised but here the patient is anaesthetised hours before and then operated. This led her to various problems. She is not even strong enough to walk to her house. She comes to her house and falls asleep in pain. Her son comes back home and sees his mother in this state. At his age, he is unaware of all these technical terms. He could see his mother bleeding underneath. He wakes his mother and shows the blood. She is in pain but she does not show the pain to her son. 

For the next few days, he goes to school but his mother could not even stand up and walk. He sees this and then decides to stop from school and help his mother. He starts to rag pick instead of his mother. Life gave him an inconvincible reason for him to take up this job at a very small age. Once his mother sees this and feels the pain in her heart. She led her life just for her son but now the whole thing has changed. The kid daily rag picks in an area but on a particular day he goes somewhere else to rag pick. At this time, an old man sees this young boy rag picking. This is the old man who was saved by the boy's mother. He told the old man about the story that his mother once recited about the pain that she has undergone. Hearing this the old man remembers the woman. Then the boy takes the old man to his mother as requested by the old man. 

This woman seeing her son going to rag pick could not tolerate. She gets up and takes her back and goes for her daily rag picking. She feels the pain inside and at the same time she could not tolerate the pain that her son's education is spoiled because of her incapability. On the way to her daily routine rag picking she suddenly witnesses that she is swelling in between her legs. She could see the blood oozing out of her thighs. She could not bear the pain. She just sits on the street and undergoes an unbearable pain. No one comes to her help. Slowly out of pain and out of blood loss she falls on the ground. One gentleman runs up to help her. He calls her out loud and then he calls the ambulance. But before anything could be done she dies. The same time her son and the old man arrives to the spot. Both traverse inside the crowd and see this woman dead. The son goes on heels and calls his mother. He calls out his mother to wake up but he could not realise that his mother is no more. The old man picks up the boy from the ground. He knows that this woman would never come back. From that day he takes care of this boy's education and living. 

This life is filled with surprises. One does not realize that unless he experiences that. Helping people is not a duty its a lifestyle and at the same time help should be done without any expectation. 

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