Source: Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay

If you ask somebody to save he will say no, oh investment no, who will invest for a long time return is less and so on.

If you ask somebody, do you want to grow your investment fast with in a week or so, the same person will say in a short term what is the proof.

Some have some reason or the other a difficulty to part with the hard earned money.

So in the investment 'the in' never comes easily.

There are varied type of investment, like stock, mutual fund insurance etc., but question arises what is the right time of investment, do we need to invest, and how can we build up a wealth to save for our and next generation.

Sometimes when you ask whom would you like to invest, the first answer my children, then me, why not your parents they had invested on you also, some says yes and some keeps on thinking.

So forget all this; lets understand the beautiful world of investment and debt management and financial portfolio.

First of all, before we invest, we need to create a Financial management portfolio, in today’s scenario multiple investments are a must, because stock markets are almost and most of the time volatile the same with the mutual funds and insurance everybody wants to sell but not to advice, the right investment and right product, every company has a relationship manager, but rarely you would find a call from them except when there appraisals are done for there promotion or increment, what’s the use if I say I am from a top management school done my specialization in management, when you are not able to guide the hard earned money of others, so the key portfolio is to a good advisor who can understand the clients requirement judge his financial abilities and capabilities and guide him or to a proper investment.

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