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The portfolio could include a varied of investment from stocks equity to mutual funds to varied investments, some investments give an ROI (Return of Investment) from 1 percent to 250 percent depending on the markets upon which the investments are based so the keyword is how do you decide which investment are proper and its timing of investment. Some prefer safe investments like life insurance and mutual funds and some on retail investments. 

In whichever way we look, we are always one way or the other trying to grow our investment, looking for an assured return. Some investors turn out to be silent investors, silently allowing their investments to grow in others’ projects and investments, so in a way, a venture capitalist whose role is in the investment and financial part. Rest is taken care of by the party to take care of the ROI of the investment. 

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Investment is like the tree, once planted and taken care of with patience, dedication, and with strategic planning, with thorough research, there is always a good return, based on the investment made, it’s just not the brand, but the company its reinvestment purpose, liquidation and type of company. So in the world, we should learn to make our investment grow, and based on that we should regrow our investment from the initial investment. It’s not just the contingency expense we have to face but also of the running emails, the household expenses. 

Some would say we have enough to spend, and less to save, but a sudden contingency can bring down the income. Also, what do we have as a backup for that, even without back up the world’s best computer or server is of no use, or for the unending expenses when the children grow or medical emergency, a small investment always helps in a smaller way taking care of the smaller contingencies, in the long run. Some advantages being clear, the emails from the smaller profits accumulated and keeping them in reserve for the next month’s contingencies may be amount may not be big but definitely useful. An ocean was never made in a single day but by drops, so the amount of sweat we do for the hard work to earn, a bit if saved to regrow is always a boon. 

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