Every time I walk in the gym, there is a board that says - Someone busier than you is working out, what is your excuse? I read it every day and continue to do my workout. One random day, I noticed this floor trainer, she was wearing shoes one taller than the other that confused me and I wanted to ask her the reason behind it but I thought what if she is not comfortable in sharing her story.

This clicked me every day and then recently she took my workout. The whole workout was bang on and by the end of it, I finally had enough courage to ask her about the difference in her shoes. With a smile on her face, she said that there is some gap in her back due to an accident she faced years ago. 

The difference in the shoes is to level up that gap. A reflex action came from me. I literally saluted her for her guts because she is one of the people who work out with so much passion and intensity. Then it got me thinking that if you don't want to entertain an excuse, you will not. From that day, I am seeking solutions over excuses. 

What is your excuse to not complete that task?

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