Skill Vs Ability

Ability and skill are two different concepts that get mixed up with each other often. So, here's the correct definition for each.

Skill is the talent that people develop over time either by practice or by self-discovery. Skills can be improved and detained.

Ability can't be defined without skill though; ability is a person's maximum potential at a particular skill. One individual can have plenty of skills but in a skill, he cannot have several abilities.

For an instance, If you are a dancer, dancing falls under your skills. Comparing your dancing with the best around the corner, you can find your dancing ability.

Ability is more of a measuring system than a concept that resembles skill. The more your exam score the more your ability towards education. Here the ability could be measured by the scale of grade or percentage.

Another misconception would rise among the mobs: every ability scale follows the same hierarchy, which is wrong. Every ability has its scale and separate criteria to plot the scale.

Below are a few skills and abilities listed separately that can give you an idea of differentiating skill from an ability.


  1. Dance
  2. Singing
  3. Driving/Racing
  4. Shooting
  5. Investigating crime
  6. Boxing/Fighting
  7. Cooking
  8. Washing clothes
  9. Gardening
  10. Playing games

Before this list becomes endless let me stop here and explain why all these could also be listed under abilities but not a few abilities could be listed below skills.

As explained earlier, once you reach the maximum limit of any skill you can display it as your ability. How is that even possible you may ask, well there is a threshold for every person for each skill.

Only a few can reach the maximum of a certain skill and those are termed as their abilities.

For instance, let us take Michael Jackson. He was a dancer and singer.

So, his ability is dancing and singing. That doesn't mean he can't cook or play; if he learns cooking and practice soccer, he might become a chef and soccer player.

But no one can deny the fact that he is the one that can do his dances perfectly. Impersonators may exist but he is the best at those dances and songs.

Just like that each person is gifted with some ability finding the ability must be the aim of your life. Once you find that all you can do is develop that, you can proudly claim that it is your ability.

In other words, you can even say that ability is an 'inbuilt skill or talent'. Since you hear the word talent, I can hear your heart already pumping messages to your brain claiming that 

"Is talent different from skill and ability?".

For that my answer is going to be yes. Talent is another word that comes around this circle, stay tuned for explanation and examples.

Still, many abilities don't come under any skill scale. Only a few are listed below. With the help of this list, you can find similar abilities.


  1. Dormancy
  2. Reticence
  3. Happiness in solitude
  4. Non-nyctophobia
  5. Astral projection
  6. Glib
  7. Loquacious

Now before your brain rushes to hasty conclusions, just rethink all you've just read and scrutinize before sabotaging your flow. Fears are common among humans if you are born immune to those, those are nothing other than abilities.

Spiritual and ghoul-related abilities are mostly superficial according to the world. If you say your house is haunted by your mates in class or work you will end up with a therapist or get cast away. But if you are curious about those make sure to stay tuned in the future.

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