Early life of X

X was born in a small town, Lily. Lily is situated in the corner of the state where the hustles of a city were unknown; it is also the place of the last sunset. The citizens of the town are cordial; they venerate their daily routines more than anything and care a little less about the lives outside the town. However, X is curious about the variety of lives outside the margin of their local newspapers and post offices. So, the people of the town gave X a mocking sobriquet, the dying X.

X, as a child, imprecates the exosphere of the union’s atmosphere because it kept Lily out of business so, it is indeed the last place of sunset. X was always a pariah before the word even became popular; X speaks different jargon but jargons are what the rudimentary fellow deemed gibberish. Humans are scared of the unknown and the risk of knowing the unknown depends upon the level of the atmosphere. But X was always an exception because the childhood mannerism of X predicts the type of person X will be in the future. X is incapable to tolerate even a petty misdemeanour among the students of the class even from the teacher. Once a partial teacher awarded additional marks to an unfit student in X’s class and X reported the crime to the apex of the atmosphere but the incapable one appeared to be the offspring of the one above. In the teacher’s stead, X was removed from the class and eventually from the institution because the one above saw X as an element of a hindrance to the flowing bribery of the institution. This was the first strange incident of unfairness in the life of X but X was little when it happened to understand the governing factors of illegal quid pro quo of the institution. X had to leave Lily behind to find a new institution that suits X’s eccentricity.

Murder of J

In the city of Citation, there existed an infamous weekly journal, Murder of J, that tells the story of a missing person every week. The author of the journal, X, does not spare a mite of details of the macabre presentation while preparing a story behind the reason of the missing person. In fact, sometimes it depicts lurid pictures after the death of the missing people missing a toe or a finger and in rare cases, a tongue. However, most of the pictures of these missing people show their severed fingers lined neatly to their finger joints as what seemed to be the murderer attempting to send a message. These missing people once held a great position in the Citation’s atmosphere. These were good people who built hospitals, schools, and libraries, and more often than not, these people were the people of the public.

 When the news of the death of these missing people engulfed over Citation, the whole city came out in the street to mourn the loss like they lost a family member of their own. The media portray this mourning to show how close the citizen felt with those martyrs. Those who occupy the seats in the exosphere were discomforted by this weekly publication and convene a meeting every week to catch this notorious X. This name X matches X, a rustic corporate female worker ridden with 9 hours of taxing work only to get derided by another one above. Redundancy describes the paperwork and lousy sedentary became the lives of the employees; hierarchy exploits the middle class and ignores the lower class. 

She came to Citation 17 years ago leaving behind her parents in Lily at the age of 15 to fend for herself. Given her childhood record-- a dissenter of the one above and often a pariah by choice-- they suspected X for the crime of these missing people where she publish about them after their murder by writing a fallacious story to make the citizen of Citation question their loyalty. Those in the exosphere saw these periodic events as a looming sign of insurrection led by this X person and the need to keep themselves from missing becomes their primary concern. However, they released X of Lily after the interrogation because of the lack of evidence against her.

Exosphere, the Holiest Strata

The most powerful of the citizen holds the table and decides the topic of discussion in the holy exosphere. The citizen worships them because the outcome of their decisions were governed through a book, Yield of Tomorrow, written by the powerful holy exosphere. No one is above the Yield of Tomorrow, not even the members of the exosphere. When tomorrow comes, the yield is plenty than yesterday, and concurrently, those who yield accrued with each day. Murder of J is a threat to the Yield of Tomorrow so the forewarning of those in the exosphere finally saw the reality of insurrectionists vilifying the reputed image of the exosphere, threatening their very existence. However, these insurgents strike furtively by weekly dissemination of the pictures of each exosphere member with a huge mark of red smudge on their faces. 

The picture that came out each week is a victim of another prospective missing case and if the person did went missing for more than a day, it is more than likely the person’s dead body will make the news headline for a week. As a consequence, the people of the city will make their appearance in the street mourning the loss of another benefactor. Sometimes, the member of the exosphere will forcibly pick up two or three mourners from the street for they mourned less ardently than others which gave them room for suspicion that the mourner might be one of the insurgents.

Murder of X

The rise of insurgents served as a bottleneck in the hunt for author X. The office of exosphere made a public notice where a reward of 100,000 chimes (currency of Citation) will be given to those who brought about any information of the notorious author X. While on the other hand, the corporate life of X becomes bleak around the disparaging environment taunting her every move. What anger does to a person? Is it strong enough to justify the momentary outburst? Does it change the aftermath when the person at the receiving end is different?

Corporate X was seen by a doorkeeper, Y while taking the original data of the organization surreptitiously which corporate X works for but the doorkeeper chose to remain silent. This confidential data debunk the tradition of corruption in the organization where more than two-thirds of the profit went straight into the pocket of the one above. The next day, there was a picture of corporate X’s boss with a red smudge on his face diffused all over the city of Citation. Inevitably, corporate X’s boss went missing the next day but this time there was a presence of strange air around the city. The strange wind or the wind of change took the form of the eerie doorkeeper, Y, who out of greed blew the whistle on X. So, X was removed from the organization and eventually from the city of Citation. 

The next dawn witnessed the body of corporate X at the entrance of Lily with her severed fingers lined neatly to her finger joints. The people of the town and the citizens of Citation were given an edict not to attempt any mourning. After the murder of corporate X, the body of X’s boss was found blue lying ashore on the Pristine River. But this time, the people of Citation mourn in the street with utmost grief and the city almost shrink to unprecedented mourning of heartache and woe.

Did I tell you that the city of Citation runs through the system of plutocracy?

.    .    .