Sometimes unfortunates are god's fortunate miracles. The days of monsoon get started, known for the season of romance and love. These moments become more auspicious when you live in the city of Pune. And for me, it was something special. That was a dark rainy night. I was late from college; the clock was about to strike 9. I open my black umbrella and started walking towards Shivajinagar railway station.  

Somehow, I reach the station. I went to the ticket counter, but it was closed. I saw the train reached on the opposite platform. Somehow, I managed myself and make a run towards the opposite platform. The train gave the horn to move forward, my heartbeat starts to race. As I reached the opposite platform the train took the speed and I couldn’t step inside it. I missed my train by a second. I enquired about another train to the man stands behind me. He replied that there is no other train today, due to rain all trains are cancelled and that was the last train till Talegaon. I became more upset.

I sat down on the nearby bench. I saw my dress; it became dirty with mud. I went inside the bathroom and cleaned it. As I came outside. I sat nearby the bench and start thinking about what to do next? Suddenly I noticed, a lady standing in the corner having a black purse and a big blue trolley. I make a look at her face and I was shocked, she was Neha Kolli. She was worried about something. The old memories started to come in front of my eyes. I started to look around and starts to treat them like I haven't noticed her yet. She came and sat beside my bench. I tried to cover my face, but somehow, I was behaving like a fool. I stand and start a walk outside the station. I want to talk to her, but 3 years ago she broke up with me unnecessarily and went out of my life. That time my ego was not ready to accept her again.

The rain started again. Suddenly, I notice someone stands beside me. I make a look towards it. She was Neha. I signed toward a taxi driver and he parked the taxi in front of me. I asked him for the bus station. He signed ‘yes’ and I went inside the taxi. The driver started his taxi. I asked him, to call that lady. He obeyed it and with a shout, he called to Neha. At first, she resisted, but after all, she came near the taxi. I was sat in the back seat of the taxi. She kept the trolley in the dickey and sat beside me.

Each time I was feeling desperate. Somehow, I tried to control my emotions. At last, we both reach the station. I went to the enquiry counter, but there was nobody and I returned. Neha was sited there. She was speaking with someone on the phone.  I came outside and starts to hide emotions by looking towards the rain. Suddenly I heard my name. I turned back; she was behind me. Her beautiful face was before me. She was trying to ask me something, even though her lips were shut. I was looking in the deep down in of her pretty eyes. After a while, she asked, ''How are you, Siddharth?"

I replied, “Yes absolutely fine." and asked her, “How is your life going on?"

She was constantly gazing looking into my eyes and replied, "Same as other."

I asked, "How is your husband? Is he a rich man...?”

"He is the best husband. He cares for me, and he has a rich heart.", She replied.

"But your eyes are saying something else". I continued," If he did care, then he won't send you solitary."

"He had some business meeting, that’s why I came alone.", she continued, “You are also saying something. Your eyes are saying something and your tongue something else."

"Leave it. Say something else.", I just don't want to express my feeling before her.

She asked, “Did you miss me?" By listening to this question my tears got heavy and came out of my eyes. She said, “Please don't miss me so much, that I can't forgive myself." I can feel her heaviness. Everything around us became silent. The breeze was stopped along with the smashing thunder. There were only two things are alive, me and she.

I asked, “Why did you leave me? Today I became a Professor at University. I have a reputation, I have everything, except you." At last, my heart starts to express his emotion.

"I was helpless. Sometimes our destiny transforms everything, our dreams, our imagination. But my love was true.", her tears of emotions were started to flow through her eyes. The environment became so real, that it became the best moment of my life. There was no need for words to express anything, only silence is sufficient to make the noise.

The bus also came. I took her trolley, and we both stepped inside the bus. She sat beside the window seat and I beside her. The journey for Talegaon gets started. The whole journey we both sited silently without bothering about any other thing. That was the best moment I ever had. After 1 hour, we reached our destination. We both stepped out of the bus.

I asked her, “Is Somebody coming to receive you?"

"Yes, my Dad is coming," she replied.

"So how many days you are here?", I casually asked.

"For two days. Mom's health is critical. I came to see her. And Siddharth can't live without me for more than two days. So, I have reached home quickly."

"Who Siddharth?", I inquired surprisingly.

"My son Siddharth.", she smiled back. From back her father came there with car. She took her trolley and said, “See you soon. Take care." And then she went from there. I was just staring at her. And only stare...


.   .   .