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It's a larger world. Let's connect through courtesy. Life is never simple. 

Emotions are contagious. It's an interconnected network. Just as every drop completes the ocean, intermixing of vehicles leading to heavy congestion is Traffic Jam

Our actions are the causes and it comes back to us as effects.

Look around and see it for yourself.

Why is traffic so stressful?

Stress is multidimensional.

  1. Traffic congestions lead to greater emotional and mental stress.
  2. Chronic, physical, and mental stress due to heavy traffic makes a tired life.
  3. Nervousness and aggressiveness are on the rise.
  4. Physical health deteriorates which include back pain, pain in legs, headaches, and dizziness.
  5. Loud honking, over speed, road rage, time consumption by long-standing in traffic picks up your levels of anxiety and exhaustion both physically and mentally.
  6. Quality of life and time is disturbed by traffic jams.
  7. Economic and Intelligence productivity decreases.
  8. It increases fuel consumption and cost of travelling.
  9. Pollution levels double affecting human health.
  10. Impatience is on the rise and courtesy comes down leading to accidents.
  11. Sleep disorders, rudeness, lack of empathy are to be tackled.
  12. Poor work performance and frustration at home by commuters due to heavy traffic are the challenges to be dealt with.

You are in a Traffic Jam - Look out for your Mental Health:

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Drivers in traffic jam are frustrated by each other's presence.

  1. Stress at psychological level can cause anxiety, lack of control, intolerance, frustration followed by shouting at each other.
  2. Frequent quarrels on the road are the greatest entertainers.
  3. Traffic jams can cause lapses in memory.
  4. It can affect our blood pressure and immune system too.
  5. People exhibit strong mood swings, lack of motivation, deficit in concentration in their jobs.
  6. It can result in fatigue, musculoskeletal system problems, impact on digestive, nervous, and respiratory systems.
  7. It can lead to severe heart problems.
  8. It can make us lethargic, drowsy, aggressive, and moody.

This stress can be carried home, anger at work place leading to family and job disturbances.

Traffic Noise:

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  1. It interferes with our thoughts.
  2. Noise can cause irritability.
  3. It gives us a sense of helplessness and lack of control.
  4. Can cause accidents.
  5. It results in fatigue, anxiety, and panic disorders.

Means to tackle traffic stress:

  1. Car pooling
  2. Deep Breathing
  3. Stress management
  4. Time management
  5. Cycle /walk down the road whenever possible.
  6. Heavy vehicles must be avoided during office/school hours.
  7. Counseling services must be held not only to commuters but also to traffic police, shopkeepers, vulnerable people, residents, etc.

Wisdom from Traffic Jams:

A traffic jam is one of the best teachers for life. As a matter of civility, let's make things pleasant for the travelling public and ourselves too.
Kindness is contagious too.
Simple small courtesies can make Heaven in midst of Hell.
'Traffic Jams are to be tolerated. People are to be celebrated'.

Start early,
Drive slowly,
Reach safely.

Respect the Road!!
Spread the sunshine!!

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