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Oh! I wish to fly,
But my wings are clipped.
Oh! I wish to see the light,
But my doors are closed.
Oh! wish to play and dance,
But I am chained,
Darkness, darkness, darkness is my life ?
I have dreams, a beautiful dream I have a face, a face to smile .
I have a heart, a heart to love and care.
But what have I been?

A prostitute - A life in the dark.

Recently prostitution is considered a legal job by the supreme court of India. However holding brothels, human trafficking, kidnapping, slavery, harassment is illegal and inhuman. We can find in recent years not only women but also men and transgender prostitutes.

The reasons can be many -- human trafficking, type of business, helplessness, easy money, unemployment, ill-treatment by family members, revenge, kidnapping, running away from homes, forced sex, searching for jobs, financial crisis, and poverty.

But still, they have the "Right to Live" and enjoy rights equally like all other humans.

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Rights of a prostitute

  1. Right to health - Sex contracted diseases, skin-related problems, urinary infections, and harassment have to be managed. They have the right to access to medical facilities as any other common man. Sexual and physical violence must be checked. Their mental health too matters. It must be secured properly. Post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), fear, anxiety, depression, stigmatization, frequent abortions, and suicide attempts to be counseled properly. Counseling and guidance centres must be provided to them.
  2. Right to education - Does "Education for all "include sex workers and their children? Do schools provide admission to these children? Does society accept them to study along with normal children?
    These are the real questions of humanity. Psychological trauma, lack of socialization, inculcating the need for formal education, and harassments by public and fellow students are some of the blockades for their 'Right to Education'.
  3. Right to live a decent life - Like other occupations, they also have a 'life' - A Decent One. Social acceptance, compassion, trust, love, care, understanding, dignity, a helping hand is all they need.
  4. Right to leisure - Right to play, dance, holiday, celebrate, entertainment, festivities, shop, etc.
  5. Right for food - Good and nutritious food, health care, exercise, medical facilities, and good sleep is a boon to them.
  6. Right to work - Prostitutes and their children have the right to carry out jobs or profession or business of their choice. They must be capable of financial stability and independence. They must have freedom to use money what they earn. Financial freedom and security is a must.
  7. Right to marry - They have the right to marry and have a family of their own. They can lead a normal life.
  8. Right to maternal security - Health of pregnant women, sex workers, new mothers, newborns, growing children must be safeguarded. Children must grow up as normal children. Bonding, acceptance, feel of a family are needed for the right growth of children.

We must have more Gangubhai's (Kamathipura) to fight for their rights. Individual fight is a strength.

Apart from these, they have the right to leisure, right to work, right to culture, right for food and proper shelter, and all government schemes.

Women or men's bodies are not properties of someone else. Low self-esteem, trauma of rape, self-destruction, guilt, post-traumatic stress disorders, fear of rejection, and unhygienic practices are some of the unexpressed voices.

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They need to be heard, need to be accepted, need to be loved.

This can be brought about only by changing minds and reforming thoughts of the so-called "civilized world"

They too deserve 'lifestyle and wellness'.

Let us all pledge to be the light in the dark.

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