"Mind is a beautiful garden; growing weeds or flowers depends upon you."

Mental health and peace are the most savoury words across the globe.

Mental health is best described as state of harmony with self and others. It creates happiness and ability to bounce back when we fall and of course a good peaceful sleep every night.

Causes of mental health deterioration:

lets start with our daily practices - 


  1. frequent fights
  2. jealousy
  3. greed
  4. feeling insecure
  5. discrimination of gender
  6. comparison between children
  7. over expectations
  8. financial problems
  9. always trying to show off your riches/ status
  10. over discipline and rigid rules
  11. comparison with neighbours/ relatives


  1. over anxiety
  2. fear of failure
  3. poor physical health
  4. lack of confidence in yourself
  5. feeling of insecurity
  6. fear of peer group comments
  7. frustration and anger
  8. lack of people to support your emotions and understand you
  9. lack of respect
  10. unemployment
  11. comparison and lower self esteem
  12. lack of trust in others

Students/ Employers

  1. lack of encouragement
  2. lack of support by family, teachers or employers
  3. unable to pursue your passion
  4. trying hard to please others
  5. inability to move freely with the peer group
  6. fear of failure or rejection
  7. inability to handle teenage problems/ stress conditions
  8. fear of examination
  9. striving excessively for promotion or results
  10. the attitudes of teachers or employers have a harmful impact on minds of students/ adults
  11. children suffer in the hands of over-anxious parents and teachers
  12. employees suffer in the hands of jealous and selfish co-workers; and 
  13. dominant bosses.

Almost every profession be it medical, military, teaching, sports, etc. suffer from mental illness.

Simple tips for good mental hygiene:

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

Yoga and meditation are buzzing words, other than that-

  1. breathe and chill out
  2. walk and talk in nature
  3. according to recent studies, sleeping under a weighted blanket (Swedish Trial from Reader's Digest) gives you good and sound sleep
  4. research also proved blinking eyes (Quora Digest) for 3-4 minutes gives you easy sleep
  5. instead of texting, make a call or a video call for good mind concepts
  6. show empathy and kindness
  7. a good physical exercise atleast 3 days a week
  8. showing gratitude even for small things
  9. appreciate everything
  10. smile a lot and smile in such a way that seeing your smile others start smiling too
  11. spend money on travel
  12. develop a hobby
  13. try to celebrate every small thing
  14. be humorous
  15. fall in love with sunrises & sunsets
  16. communicate --- let it go
  17. good food, good mind, good heart, good life

'Every morning, wake up, put one foot in front of other and just go.....'


Never look below, behind or beside. Just look up in the universe and you find all the answers!!!

Give yourself just three minutes before any extreme step and you come out with great rejuvenation and new vigour.



Feel the smell of rain☔, the melody of the breeze, the aroma of coffee ☕,the scent of flowers🌸, listen to the song of birds🕊️, dance in the rain🩰🌧️, eat a chocolate 🍫 & so on...

Whether it's a nut to be cracked or cucumber to be cooled, let everything excite you.

Never stop looking at "Yourself'', wonders happen..!!!

.   .   .