I was a kid of 10 years playing joyfully, running around happily, keeping myself busy always and going to bed peacefully.  While doing so, I used to watch a woman at the corner of the street who has no 'life' in her life. As I was growing up, I became more anxious to know more about that woman.  During this process of research, I learnt that she lost her husband, the most beloved person and her two lovely children in an accident.  They were the only people in her world.  She somehow survived that gruesome accident.  The heavens could not tolerate the happy life she was leading till then

She turned into a complete depressed and dejected woman.  She neither joins parties nor enjoys festivals nor visits any temple.  She seems to have any purpose of living?

One day on her way back home, a small kitten started following her. She was not happy about it and shut the door.  The kitten slept in front of the door and after 2 hrs, when she was about to go to the market she opened the door and found the kitten still lying.  She immediately picked it up and gave it some milk and bread.  Its the only person in the world for her now.  


The woman started smiling.  The next day, she found two street pups and brought them home.  Now there were 4 members in that family.  Her face started glowing. She thinks that if I can make a difference in these animals, I can do more.  The kids nearby started playing with these pets.  She used to buy some sweets & chocolates to the children so that they would stay some time more.  She used to wait for the time to come back home just to have a celebration every evening.  She used to dance and sing with the kids and the noises of the children playing around with the pups brought in new 'life' in her.  She wants to live now.  It seemed like a second birth to her.  She's filled with laughter, energy and enthusiasm.

Now, I am 25 years old.  Its sometimes the people around us who bring in more radiance to our lives.  Her perspective of raising the pups which welcomed many children to her home has totally changed the meaning of life.  So happiness doesn't always relate to relations alone.  Family isn't all about blood.  I have changed my perspective of life and happiness. A change can be brought by changing ourselves. She's always with me in my heart no matter how far I go...

It all started with a kitten.


.   .   .