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We all love to own electronic goods and other modern amenities. Once we have paid money, the manufacturer shouldn't dictate how to use it- 'Its Yours'.


Ownership means you should be able to open, repair, upgrade or change parts. We are not just "Buyers", we are the "Owners". We have the right to repair everything we own. We have the right to fix our own things or choose which service shop to use. But it's a common practice to refuse to make parts, tools, and repair. For example, APPLE creates problems with battery and makes it hard to repair the iPhone.


  1. Independent repair shops are shut down by a few manufacturers (not all companies) and they claim service manuals are proprietary.
  2. Manufacturers have created a monopoly on repair.
  3. They create only one repair shop around where prices go up.
  4. Some companies do not want their products to get fixed. Eg. the APPLE battery slows down automatically so that we can buy their new product. Similarly, some brands of washing machines have no availability of spare parts.
  5. It took a lawsuit for many companies including APPLE as they refuse to sell replacement parts or battery replacement.
  6. Even the repair codes are kept secret. They are often proprietary and manufacturers limit access to the tools that can read them.


  • We must have 'access to repair information' (how to repair, tools used, the process to repair, etc.)
  • Consumers must be provided with information about products or parts that can be repaired.
  • Consumers must have access to more repair shops and be reasonably priced.
  • We must have the right to open everything we own.
  • We have the right to modify and repair our things.
  • Let's have the right to unlock the software in our electronics.


Source: Fixit

Limitations on repair have become a serious issue for all modern equipment. We are all relying more on technology in our daily lives and it's important that this technology be readily resorted to function easily and locally.

  • Customers must enjoy and be satisfied with the use of investments.
  • Consumers must utilize these rights.
  • Manufacturers lose nothing by this Right.


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The BILL requires original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide consumers and independent repair businesses equal access to repair documentation, diagnosis, tools, and service parts and authorize multiple repair providers.

  1. As of 2021,32 U.S. states have proposed legislation to 'Right to Repair Act'.
  2. Only the state of Massachusetts has passed a law- 'THE MOTOR VEHICLE OWNERS RIGHT TO REPAIR ACT'. Passed in 2012, it required automobile manufacturers to provide necessary documents to allow third-party technicians to repair their vehicles.
  3. UK's 'Right to Repair Law' was effective from July 1st,2021 and it was for appliance manufacturers.


'RIGHT TO REPAIR' or 'FAIR REPAIR' is for consumers. He has every right to choose whom, what, where, why, who, how, and for how much. It is your RIGHT to REPAIR.



  • APPLE company was heavily fined with $113 million for slowing the iPhones.
  • Tech giants like Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. are against this. They claim it may threaten intellectual property, cyber security, and trade secrets.

Centuries tell us that buying something transfers control of that item from seller to buyer but when these rights are seized, we need to fight for our rights, and one such right is "RIGHT TO REPAIR"

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