'Sonu, I got temporary rejection on medical grounds.' He told his sister over the phone call.

'Ohh..then what will you do?' Asked his sister.

'Umm...I need to find an ophthalmologist (eye specialist) urgently.' The reason for temporary rejection being a number of complications related to eyes. If an ophthalmologist gives me in writing that some of my issues related to the eyes can be improved, then I think, I can challenge this rejection.' He explained to his sister.

'Hmmm...ok, you come back home, then we will find an experienced eye specialist.' Said his sister.

This was Gaurav, who called her sister after getting a temporary rejection, usually given after a medical checkup on the last day of an Army SSB. He has been trying to get into Army, through SSB, it was his dream. He had been rejected 7 times before, on the basis of various reasons, but he was adamant to get through it and realize his dream of being an army officer.

His sister would often ask him, 'how do you gather the courage to apply for SSB each time after getting rejected? I would never had applied if I had been rejected even once.' He would say, 'getting into Army is my dream and I would not sit back until and unless I become an Army officer.'

Struggle has been synonymous with his name. He lost his mother at the tender age of 16. He felt devastated. Though he had two doting elder sisters, but no one can take a mother's place. And that was not enough, two years later, his father followed his mother's footsteps and left for heavenly adobe. The three siblings felt helpless. 

He was pursuing engineering at the time of his father's demise and was put up in a hostel. His paternal aunt took his sisters to her place. When he used to visit his sisters at his aunts' place, he encountered a new problem every time. He was youngest of the three, but was made to deal with the issues as he was the male child. 

After completing his engineering with flying colors, he went to stay with his aunt. Though he wanted to try for Army, his aunt was strictly against it. She tried her best to restrict him from trying and always made pressure on him to take a job in a private firm.

He did join a private company. But he continued to apply for SSBs despite arguments with his aunt on a daily basis. 

Once he suffered a ligament tear injury on his left knee. He got bed ridden for six months. A number of orthopedics suggested surgery for his knee. But he refused to go under the knife stating the reason that a single cut on his knee would make him ineligible to apply for Army. He endured the pain for six long months. One of his elder cousin brother helped him a lot in recovering from the knee injury and then he got in touch with a very nice doctor, who further helped him with the recovery. Though he was taunted by his aunt on a daily basis, that he is just faking his pain, just to avoid going for a job and wants to survive on her money; he tried his best to ignore her, but his self confidence dipped to a new low during that period. Yet the drive to join the Army became all the more strong. He utilized those six months in improving his language skills, and memorized the dictionary by heart. 

When he fully recovered from the knee injury, he joined back his office and also started applying for the SSBs. 

When he cleared the SSB,  and got temporary rejection on medical grounds, he with the help of his sister and younger aunt, managed to get appointment with the HOD of eye department in AIIMS hospital New Delhi. The doctor examined him, and told him that all the ailments mentioned in the rejection form are temporary problems that can be resolved by continuous exercise. He advised him to visit hospital daily for a month and exercise in a doctor's supervision. He diligently followed doctor's advice. On the last day of the month, the doctor gave him the fitness certificate.

When he went for the final interview, the interviewing officer asked him, 'so young man why do you want to join the Army when being an engineer you can work in an MNC and earn in lakhs?'

'Sir, I don't want to earn in lakhs, I want to serve my country. This had been my dream and I have been trying for it since long.'

'Hmmm...then go and live your dream, young man.' Said the officer.

That day was the happiest day for him. Once he got out of the office, he called his sister, 'Sonu, I got it finally.' He told her ecstatically, with tears pouring from his eyes.

This is a real story. Story of my brother, Lt. Col Gaurav Prashar. Who fought against all odds and kept trying until he achieved his dreams. He made us all proud with his courage and perseverance. 

.   .   .