We all are aware that The God of wealth, Kuber, was very proud of his riches. He loved to boast about it a lot. One day he decided to organize a big feast only to showoff his riches. He invited all the Gods to that feast.

He also went to invite God Shiva.

"My Lord Shiva, I came here to invite you for the feast at my home today." 

Said God Kuber.

Omniscient that he was, Lord Shiva knew the real intention of Lord Kuber's invitation, he just wished to show off his wealth.

God Shiva who was sitting with his wife Parvati, smilingly shook his head and said.

"I am sorry dear Kuber, but I will not be able to leave Mount Kailash and attend your feast. But you can take our son Ganesha along. I hope you will be able to take care of him as well as his hunger."

"Ofcourse my lord, you are very well aware of my riches. I will be able to take good care of him as well as his hunger."

Replied God Kuber with confidence.

"Wow, this is luxurious!"

Said Ganesha when he reached Kuber's opulent palace.

He watched Kuber arrogantly boasting about his wealth with narrowed eyes. When Ganesha sat down for the lunch, Kuber sneered and said.

"Eat as much as you can Ganesha, this is Kuber's house, there's plenty of everything."

Ganesha began to eat. He ate and ate and ate!

Soon the food in Kuber's entire kingdom got finished!

But a hungry Ganesha demanded more. He started knocking off the pillars and furniture and chewed up everything. He didn't even spare the jewels in the treasury. Once he was done with eating all this, he pounced upon Kuber and said.

"Aaaaargh, I am still hungry, I am going to eat you as well!"

An afraid Kuber fled to God Shiva for help with Ganesha following him. He went up the mountains, down the streams, this way, that way, there was no escaping from Ganesha. Kuber finally reached God Shiva and kneeled down on his feet crying.

"Lord please save me from Ganesha, he wants to eat me!"

Lord Shiva calmly walked upto flinching Kuber, dropped a handful of roasted rice into his palm and said.

"Here, feed him this!"

A trembling Kuber offered the rice to Ganesha. He ate the rice, burped and smiled.

"Hmm..now  I am full!"

He said with a grin.

Lord Kuber realized his mistake and sheepishly apologized to Lord Shiva.

"Sorry Lord Shiva! I have learnt my lesson, boasting gets you nowhere but just into a lot of trouble.

Moral of the Story: You should not boast about your wealth. 

.   .   .