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When India goes to the polls, it means serious huge business. Public Relations firms are ensnared, creative campaigns are rolled out and a hefty amount is spent. Political parties make elephantine promises that seldom get fulfilled, and each party comes up with an out-of-the-box election campaign to get what they want inside the box (ballot box). Sometimes, if you're lucky you'd catch local leaders turning into delivery men handing over hampers at your doorstep. Well, this essentially shows how a single vote is worth its weight in gold.

 Defining democracy in the memorable phrase of Abraham Lincoln- "Democracy is the government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE"¹. Voting is a very vital process wherein We, the people, choose our representatives and the government. It keeps democracy from collapsing into an authoritative mess. 

The Preamble, also known as the 'identity card of the Indian Constitution, is a living, breathing document that states that the Constitution derives its authority from the people of India. The voice of the people is the supreme force that drives the country and the constitutional way to express one's opinion is by casting a vote. The best means to bring reforms in the government and their schemes is through the free system of election. When you vote, you are authorizing someone to make decisions on your behalf and those decisions will certainly affect you in some way or the other.

Drawing parallels to a buffet, Our country is pregnant with creative Chefs or political parties, each posing as the flagships of change by presenting a delicious feast of manifestos. It is up to us, the people, to choose which manifesto truly blesses our salivary glands and wouldn't bring in any gastric problems post consuming it. We tend to choose something that brings a change from the routine khichdi that is probably not the best fit for your gut.

Similar is the process of voting. It is the agent of change. Something that might not rightly suit you or your nation needs to be reformed and stripped out of power and anything that is working as a spearhead of democracy needs to be retained for a blissful tomorrow.

Universal adult suffrage is an important term that requires much attention in this article. The constitution has smartly bestowed upon adults- ALL ADULTS to rightly exercise their vote. This means that we are confidently capable of making the right decision for society as a whole and this mere thought can conclude how worthy it is to cast your vote.

As the polling season takes birth, everywhere from television channels to social media Advertisements to street posters yell party slogans. News debates give politicians a platform to win the minds of viewers. Gifts are showered on the common mass and a very hefty sum of money is spent on campaigns. If your vote was not of grave importance, then they would not be spending so much time, energy, and finance. You know, politicians have a knack for filling their bellies with the Indian denomination.

Many citizens do not cast their votes presuming that it doesn't matter. This assumption is wrong. Voting is the nodal agency of change. The entire edifice of democracy is constructed on the foundation of voting. To keep democracy intact, it is essential to vote. If the citizens are not responsible, or worse- skip the process altogether, it will surely jeopardize the entire empire.

There might arise the question of NOTA voters and their contribution. Well, the concept might seem a tiny bit ironic. A NOTA voter is someone who takes the effort to be a part of the tedious process, which means that they exhibit faith in the system of elections but not in the candidates. This in itself is a valuable opinion.

Statistically speaking, In the 2019 general elections, voter turnout was over 67 percent – the highest ever and the highest ever participation by women voters. This opens our eyes to the awareness that has been stirred in the nation. A plethora of people are becoming aware of this important civic duty that they have- a responsibility towards the nation. Their opinion is reflected in the vote they cast.

Voting is crucial and is the spearhead of change. We, The people place power in the hands of the government and we must ensure that this power is in the right hands. The entire edifice of democracy is built on the foundation of this major process. The single minute that you spend in the polling booth can be the most important minute you spend the year. I strongly believe that voting is important for bringing about a change. Every single opinion matters. Let us celebrate the big festival of Democracy and remember- every election day is NOT a holiday.

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