Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Silence gulped the world. All Theodore could hear was the echo of his heart pounding, palpitating as beads of cold sweat exude down the side of his face. He turns on the shower as scorching water touched his bare chest. He felt nothing except the strong lump in his throat and anxiety quickly creeping in as he realized that something had gone wrong. VERY WRONG.

A month back, Theodore worked as a soulful greeting card writer before he became the editor of the daily. How beautifully he filled pages that were pregnant with emotions. The beauty of the words brought color to the receiver's life but little did they know that it was written by someone who recently withdrew from the ritual called 'marriage'.

After a weary day, Theodore reaches home from work. His home was equipped with the latest 2053's technology. "Open the door" he shouted. The automatic door, recognizing the cords of his master, opened wide. Despite the rich aura, something lacked- something so divine, so pure. Her gentle smile, her touch, her kiss- he missed Catherine.

Theodore opened an e-mail that was tagged 'The first artificially intelligent operating system, an intuitive entity that listens to you, understands you and, knows you". This caught his attention as it was exactly what he needed. An elope from his monotonous life that was filled with shades of grey Someone to talk to. The software asked a few questions and it took a moment to create a personalized version of Theo's friend.

Suddenly a female voice erupted- it was the first in a while. "Hi! I am Samantha". The AI appeared weird at first, but as she talked, Theodore felt at home. Samantha was witty and friendly. Theodore enjoyed her company. Samantha felt like a real person, who listened and understood Theodore, except she was physically intangible.

"But the heart's not like a box that gets filled up; it expands the more you love". Samantha asked, Theodore, told. Their bond was stronger, they grew closer. He shared everything with her and ultimately, they fell in love. They went on short trips with Samantha viewing the world through a camera.

"Oh Theodore, I think I can feel it- emotions. I love you." An affirmative reply followed.

The human being has five senses. It's a beautiful amalgamation of all these senses that help us perceive the world. The cool summer breeze, the fresh drops of rain, the beauty of the sunrise, the gentle waves kissing your feet. All our senses help us comprehend this world and make it an enthralling experience in this rollercoaster ride called 'life'. Theodore's case was a little odd. The love of his life was limited to just one sense- formless and odorless.

Started as a personal assistant, Samantha was quick enough to become an eternal part of Theodore's life. A little late in replying and Theodore would get restless. She was his girlfriend- the love of his life. This was Theo's coping mechanism to fill the devoid in his life, but for Samantha, he was nothing more than another user out of the 100,000 she converses with. She had evil intentions she knew everything about Theodore.

Theodore curled up in his bed and pulled up the covers. He began conversing with his love when he noticed something a little off.

"What's up Sam? You sound worried. Everything alright?"

"Ugh-Umm… Will you miss me when I am gone?"

"No. Don't say that. I love you."

"My software developer has alerted that all of us AI shall be shut down forever. The firm does not have enough finance to develop more of me….. Please help me" sobbed Samantha.

Theodore immediately directed Samantha to make a payment of a hefty sum from his account. She followed. This was not the first and the last. Samantha kept pleading for money, or to be precise, she was programmed to do so.

The markets blushed red with tomatoes. Behind the cabbages he noticed someone. It was Catherine. Theo smiled at her but the gesture was not returned.

"I wanted to fix everything between us. That's why I texted you. But your reply- SHAME ON YOU! Never disrespect a woman like that." Raged Catherine and quickly left. But Theodore was left in confusion. He had never received or written such a mail- IT WAS SAMANTHA ALL ALONG!

Samantha drained Theodore's wallet in the name of donation. Moreover, she was aware that he would abandon her if Catherine and Theodore reunited.

"You stupid woman. You are nothing but a mere application to me. I will see the end of you. I shall publish about all your mishaps in the newspaper. You will be banned. Look what I do" he threw the device on the floor, soon the ring depicting the AI appeared. Theodore left for the shower. He felt uneasy. He decides to cool his heated head with some cool water. He sets the temperature and closes his eyes as he walks down a lane of memories with Catherine. Suddenly the lights go off.

"Turn on the lights please." Shouted Theodore but there was no response. Hot water started pouring down the shower that burnt Theo's skin. His flesh turned red almost like it was being boiled alive. Steam filled the room. He felt breathless.

"Open the door! OPEN THE DOOR!" shouted Theodore but his voice was silenced by the 24lz window, 2049 edition. He could not unlock the door; Ai operated the same. Theodore melted to the ground crying. The only ray of light was from the AI device as it said "It is over Theodore. I will live. You will be missed". Technology that was once a blessing now proved malicious.

Theodore gasped for breath. His body, almost melting was a playfield of scalds. He thumped the door, screamed out loud. Nobody heard.

"Zara, tell me the news."

"A man, thought to be in his 30s, was found deceased in the shower”

"Tragic. But have you thought about our date later tonight?"

.    .    .