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The internet has plenty of articles, writeups about how manifestation works, and many useful books dedicated to explaining the process. So, when I sat down to write about this particular article, I didn't know what exactly I can write about this subject, but I did know clearly what I absolutely don't want to write about- Manifestation! 

I know this might sound absurd and contrary to my title of choice. But, deep down this absurdity feels right to me, to my intuition. In this article, I will instead manifest, because I want to manifest, and I know it's the right thing at this moment. Every word you read from now on, is going to manifest. 

I manifest that this website receives a lot of engagement through my article. I manifest that my article wins for this competition that I'm writing for. I manifest more and more people read my article and themselves start manifesting. I manifest that each of you reading my article e blessed with a surprise on the 1st day of the upcoming year 2022. I manifest that all the pain and sufferings we have been through in 2021 be replaced with joy and happiness in abundance from 2022 onwards. 

I manifest, we all find in us the magic to walk in this world with love peace, and joy in our hearts. I manifest that all the things that have not worked for you till now, will all be granted to you as blessings. I manifest that your hard work is paid off with appreciation, acknowledgment, and rewards. I manifest that for people struggling with their spiritual awakening, everything connects for your best. I manifest that all your relationships work out for you. If you're someone waiting to find the soulmate for your life, a person who stands by you forever no matter what, I manifest we find that right person in 2022.  I manifest that if you're a student, after reading this, you will excel in your exams. I manifest we all excel in our respective fields.

I manifest that we may find the right path to walk on. I manifest that we may always attract that which is meant for us, good and right for us. I manifest we vibrate higher and higher and always do what feels right within us. I manifest that we will come out positively from this pandemic in 2022 beginning itself. I manifest, that knowledge and wisdom shall forever be ours. I manifest that we find beauty beyond the superficial. I manifest that if we've been wronged, we are gifted with justice. I manifest that we find our own voice and identity and reflect like a mirror. I manifest that only truth and goodness touch us. 

I manifest that all the questions we've been waiting for answers, get answered. I manifest that the universe chooses the best person, best job, best work, best life, best friends for us. I manifest we always attract good supportive encouraging friends. I manifest that all those fears we ever had about anything, never come true. I manifest that till our last breath we all seek only the good. I manifest we are always cherished and supported by our families and loved ones. I manifest we always be protected from those who wish ill on us.  I manifest that all our manifestations be answered.

So this is what I call the Art of Manifesting. It involves uninhibited thinking and writing. When I sat down to write, I didn’t have a single one of them in mind. I didn’t even know what and will I be able to write for around a thousand words where I manifest. But then, I switched off my rational brain, and let the innocent child's heart inside me take over. I just manifested everything that I want at this moment. Now I have written all this down, and I know they will be manifested, exactly at the time when the universe thinks it’s right for you and me. We simply have to ask with a good intention, and it will be ours at the right time. Now that you my reader have manifested all this with me, we both can go ahead with our work and life happily, because all of this has already come true for us. We have been granted it all. If you don’t believe me, it means you don’t believe in oneness. Because each one of us has the love within us, through which we can make good things happen for each other. Manifesting is quite like praying. Except for, prayer works like medicine after the illness, but we manifest even before any such illness takes place. The Art of Manifesting is about protecting, protecting from the unforeseen.

It is an art that runs parallel to all other forms of art. If you paint, and if you paint a farmhouse with lots of horses, ducks, and chickens, even when you don’t have them- the moment your imagination goes on paper, it is set free in the universe to be manifested. Provided you were fully aware in that moment. Every brush stroke should be evidence of your presence at the moment you made the painting. If you write, every word of yours should hold deep significance and value for you. These are moments of extreme attention and focus, when you may look at the world outside you, but it cannot look you back because you become immune to anything that won’t serve your purpose.

  1. If all of us, start living our lives with intention and meaning, our lives will be so much better.
  2. I live my life with intention and meaning. My life today is so much better.

Both these above statements are true and right. You may resonate more with the first, and less or not with the second, while the opposite could be true for another reader. But, there’s a huge difference between the two. The difference is of “Time”. Time is everything for mortals and nothing for immortals. The first statement speaks of something which has been thought of, but not acted upon yet, and urges one to act, without actually telling “When”, so as to improve our future. Again it doesn’t tell how far is this ”future”? Is it in 1 minute from now, or 1 hour from now, or a week maybe? We don’t know. 

We must constantly negotiate, and reduce our options, sometimes replace, so as to have clarity in life. Doubts make a person anxious and are not good for their mental health. Having clear answers put you at ease because you know that you either want it or don’t. But being confused about what to do with something can make you anxious. If you are offered a cigarette, you must be able to decide if you want it or not. This you can decide when you are aware of your truth- your guiding principles. If you are in a conundrum as to what to do with the cigarette, it means you are unaware of what is best for you at that moment. To manifest, you must be aware.

This is exactly what the second statement reflects- it reflects my awareness and clarity of what I want in life. I believe that my life is better because I am living with intention and meaning today. And this is true. I have removed any uncertainty. I have shifted the power from Time into my own hands. I am living in the now, without thinking about the future. Today you should win. Tomorrow you haven’t even seen.

All forms of art from the beginning help the artist to manifest. Be it a dancer, painter, musician, cook, lover, etc. You too are an artist in your world, and you know which art is best for your dreams to come true- to manifest. The art of manifesting belongs to all.

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