By discovering Nature, you discover yourself" is a beautifully penned sentence by Mexime Lagace.  Self-discovery begins with the discovery of things around us, that is, the nature.  Everything that surrounds us- the beautiful sight of the morning sunrise, the chirping of birds, the smell of flowers, the taste of honey, the chillness of breeze, the sound of the wind, the sound of the waves and the silence of the ocean- constitutes the beauty of nature.  The outside world is a beautiful and wondrous place filled with miracles and wonders. It is where we can feel, hear and smell so free.  

This fast moving world has put human beings into the house looking at the screens of laptops and phones.  This pandemic has locked everyone inside the houses and made us work with laptops and computers. This situation has brought many disadvantages in the society and in our lives too.

The most significant problem which we are all facing nowadays in this digital world is the provoking mental stress. Staring at the screens has brought about this illness in most of us.  In addition to work, we must spend our time to enjoy the view of nature as it has the healing power within itself.

Nature, not only provides us with food, water and shelter, it also provides us life.  It gives life to our soul and peace to our mind.  It is the greatest gift which God has showered upon us.  Nature is the lifeblood of all living creatures in the world.  It provides us with everything which we need to sustain and survive in the long run.

Humans are a part of nature. Like other living creatures, humans also depend on this nature.  But often we forget this and tend to have ownership over the nature by destroying it and shaping it for our wish.  For example, we destroyed the forest to make industries for us, forgetting that they are the homes for various kinds of animals.

We contaminated the rivers and all the water bodies by letting the industry wastes into them, thus making them unfit for living. This affects the lives of living creatures in the water.  We dumped the wastes into the lands such as plastics, which in turn affects the underground water storage system.

The smoke from the industries and vehicles has contaminated the air and made a depletion in the ozone layer.  This in turn leads to global warning, which is a strong warning of the nature to the humankind.  We have made the world the most harmful and contaminated place because of our selfishness.

The improvement of science has brought massive impact in the lives of human beings and also in the nature.  It has made the human lives simple and nature so hard.  The humans' selfishness and greed is the only reason for the pathetic situation of the nature.  But the situation is turning now.

While natural systems are under threat like never before, nature is not as fragile as we often think.  We have always seen nature as a beautiful, colorful and a relaxing component.  The complex habitats and rare and beautiful animals mesmerize viewers with delicate and spellbinding behavior.

The global economy, with its ruthless incentive structures and unrelenting search for growth, is the powerful downfall to the fragile environment.  There is no doubt that humanity has inflicted heavy damage to the world's ecosystems.  Our footprint is everywhere in the body of nature.

It poses one question in the hearts of the humans. Who is the real hero of this story, and who is the victim?  The fragility of nature now starts to miss something.  The Earth's powerful climate change is a case in point.  The impact it has on every person makes clear basic fact on humans:  We are small, we are fragile and we are the one at risk.

Now that nature is looking at us.  We are the fragile creatures that have chosen to undermine the importance of nature.  We are the victims of our so called success.  In order to bring back the nature to its former position, we have to work a lot.  

We have to save the environment to make the world a better place to live in. We have to bring back the greenery and the beauty of the nature to itself.  On high priority, we should take care of nature so that nature can continue to take care of us.  Saving nature is the crying need of our time and we should not ignore it.

Men cannot play the role of Gods, but as a superior species, we must play our role in the conservation of air, soil and water.  It is really necessary to value, care and love the environment.  Earth is not only a planet, but our Home.  The choice is ours- yours and mine.


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