Humans can live without food for a month, but without water for seven days leads to death. As the water sources are depleting globally, there is a source of water called Zam zam well that supplies water to its country and the pilgrims without any stoppage. This water well is located near the Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Many might think what can be miraculous and mystery behind this small well, Let’s go into deep on its details to reveal them.

Zam zam derived from Arabic word called 'stop flowing'. The matter of fact is that this well is not connected with any river and water bodies around it, the well water gets self replenishing stands still myth in the field of research, and another unique feature is that this well water which never depleted for more than 5000 years without any shortage and water flows still now!

In the verse of the holy book Quran its given that:

“The best water on the surface of the earth is that of zam zam. In it there is food for hungry and cure for the ill”. (verse no. 80:11)

Let's look in origin on how this mysterious well is formed. According to Islamic beliefs, Prophet Ibrahim given spiritual test by God to leave his son and wife Hajirah in the mid of desert and to come back, due to thirst they pray God for water, suddenly abundant flow of water seen in dried land this is how the well formed. According to Muslim community, this water is considered special to them gifted by God. The pilgrims who makes Haj (religious duty) fetch water from this well which is only 30 meters in deep and bring to their homes. Many believe that this water has healing power which has cured many chronic illness such as a blood cancer, brain diseases, tumour defect and helps in period of pregnancy and menopause. On applying this water regularly on eyes helps to overcome from eye disorders proven by medical experts. The water from this small well is supplied throughout Saudi Emirates by connecting this well with plenty of tap lines on the city of Mecca and its made illegal to export. When Saudi government made decision to dredge the well with giant filters and found water level increases further naturally.

The scientific research say that water in this well has different level of chemical compounds and pH values than the other water of this world. Due to its high level of chemical called arsenic, which helps to cure cancer by targeting on the specific proteins which makes cancer cells. The research of this Zam-Zam water proves that quality cum purity of Zam zam water cannot be found in any other water bodies in this world. The water in this well remains crystal clear without any algae and bacteria’s senses us it's specialty and its purity.

To showcase its significance of this well is that if Zam zam water is mixed with regular water from lakes, river and sea water, the chemical composition of the other surface water will attain same as the Zam zam water had proven by many scientific treatment of this water which still remain unbelievable the reason behind it. The nutritional value in Zam zam water has its own important and unique mineral as well as nutritional values that are high than other water bodies on this earth. The chemical components of Zam zam water cannot be changed by any catalyst/ chemical agents or by proceeding any chemical reactions as the other water sources generally gets modified to any chemical combinations instantly. The purity of this water remains the same even it recycled many times, and also quantity of water remains the same after many years without getting evaporated since 2400 BCE, is still unable to decode by many scientists. The person who drink this water can feel its unique taste and also according to Islamic practices the Muslim community drink this water by standing to respect its holiness.

In Saudi, the hospitals are distributed with Zam-zam water for patients in this pandemic time due to its character of increasing immunity power, also mortality rate in Emirates is low compared globally and the reason is Zam zam.

In agriculture field, research on Zam zam water made because of its high nutrition level and it helps for better germination which helps in better crop productivity than that of potable water and in past years Saudi has shown drastic growth in export of dates, wheat, poultry etc.., and to remind its the land of deserts!

I came to know that one chronic disease patient living in Bosnia, diagnosed with liver tumour went for several treatments and therapeutic but nothing gave him hands, finally he felt to salvation and went to Mecca as pilgrim and drunk this Zam zam water for many days and he felt changes in his mind and body, after period of times he again went for clinical test and doctor felt miracle about the growth of tumour cell has not increased further, and this person continued drinking zam zam water and still surviving more than 15 years with this disease without any further damages makes us to think on this miracle liquid to be known its gift for mankind.

Thus, this universe and human lives are completely filled with mystery and miracles which is still expanding and unexplored. Some samples of water are observed from different sources where, water gets changes in molecular forms when water is surrounded with negative words where molecules are irregularly shaped and on the other hand when it placed in a calm place the molecular structure is very regular with beautiful structure which still stands myth on how this reactions takes place. Likewise, zam zam water has its own unique and many people might not aware on whereabouts and facts of this stellar well water through this article.

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