Peer learning is an emerging trend in today’s world. Students learn from each other without any supervision from the elders or the authority. In peer learning, there is no teacher-student relationship. Every individual is both a student and a teacher.

In an environment, where the teacher teaches students, there is no bonding or friendship is developed. Students have a fear of their teacher. Often they are not comfortable around their teacher. But through peer learning, students build friendships, bonding, etc. with classmates. They share their ideas, imaginations, understandings, etc. Learning becomes very interesting in the case of peer learning than everyday classroom learning. Not only this, peer learning has enabled students to explore, collect, analyse, evaluate, integrate, and apply information to solve any problem and complete any assignment. It has led to an increase in the logical and reasoning skills of the students. Students have become more smart and intelligent these days through peer learning. Peer learning has also helped in enhancing the leadership and communication skills of students. It had taught them how to work in a group. It had led to the development of interpersonal skills among young students. Now students no more have to depend on their teachers to teach them. They can become their teacher and teach each other in the best possible manner.

Peer learning has transformed the way education would look. Now learning is more exciting and rather than being dull. It is an effective method of learning which helps in developing the soft skills of the students. Not only this, it has encouraged them to be the better version of themselves. It has made the students believe that their mind is capable of producing limitless no. of potentiality. Even research has proved that students learn 2x faster when they study and learn from their fellow mates. 


Different people have different perspectives on peer learning.


  1. It helps in developing soft skills, interpersonal skills, and the communication skill of the students.
  2. Beneficial in developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  3. More interesting, exciting, and accessible approach towards learning.
  4. Helps in developing bonding and friendship among students.
  5. More collective way of learning.


  1. Some people think that peer learning leads to wastage of time.
  2. Students get diverted from their studies due to a lot of interference from their peers.
  3. Some parents feel that peer learning destroys the competitive spirit of students.
  4. The traditional method of learning is more effective, where teachers teach students.

I believe that the transition from the traditional learning method to peer learning is an excellent education approach. It is beneficial for every student on this planet. It is a powerful way to help the students succeed. It is the best thing to walk up to a classmate and ask for help rather than a teacher. Through peer learning, students are not only helping their fellow mates but also themselves.